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When was the last time

you felt and looked your very best?

Let yourself be treated like a celebrity on a Vanity Fair photo shoot for a few unforgettable hours. Our mission is to take the best photo of you that you've ever seen. We will find your most flattering angles, and the light that makes your eyes and skin glow. We know how bring out the best in you and make you look absolutely amazing. Alongside an experienced hair and make up artists, we will work to celebrate you and let your inner beauty shine.

WARNING!  A lot of people think they will be the one person we will be unable to take a beautiful photo of (are YOU thinking that right now?) Through experience, we want to warn you that you will absolutely love your photos and be very, very tempted to get them all! (Like getting a box of delicious chocolates - how can you possibly eat just one?)

Let's discuss how we can create the perfect shoot to celebrate you or your loved one.

We welcome ALL people to enjoy a photo session at Barb Hauser Photography and Feather & Brick Studios.  We feel LOVE has no labels, all are welcome here!  

First of all, let's have a phone conversation to find out what kind of images you are looking for or explore what we can do together.  We discuss pricing and details along with wardrobe, makeup and hair. We will go over what kinds of looks you like and discuss options of what backdrops and tones we will want to include.  Then we talk about pricing, packages and fine print options along with wall art, if that interests you.  Will you have any extra people at your session?  If you want to invite a best friend, daughter, mother, etc - we can talk about the options!

What can you expect at a portrait session with us?

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