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Our studio is located in Pasadena, CA.  We have high ceilings and brick walls - it's truly Old Pasadena vibe!  Within the studio we have several sets with backdrops, furniture, props and a multitude of lighting options!

We do Hollywood style lighting, soft natural light and everything in between!  We have formal hand painted backdrops, modern sets, boho vibes, and fantasy boudoir bedroom sets.  It's going to be creative and fun!  The sky is the limit!

Before your session, we have a consult time where we explore your desires, our options and build a plan together!

On Location

Studio sessions are just one type of portrait work we do.  Location work includes locations all over Southern California and beyond.  We have the gear to go remote, picture poppy fields, beach scenes, mountain getaway - whether it's portraits for you, couples or even a family session, we can do it.  We do have done some of our boudoir and nude work in lakes, desert shoots, in the mountains or woods and even in private backyards.  So many incredible options!

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