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Thanks for finding me!  

Hello - it’s so nice you are here!  My name is Barb Hauser, and I am an Internationally Award Winning Portrait Photographer located in Pasadena, California.  I have won dozens of medals in bronze and silver the last several years.  I shoot on location and in my studio located in the heart of Old Pasadena, surrounded by century old brick walls and high ceilings!  The backdrops and set possibilities are endless! (I can't wait to show you!)

Here’s my story about how I become a Portrait Photographer.


I guess you could say

TPM Image Awards 2023_Bronze - Black.png
TPM Image Awards 2022_Bronze - Black.png
TPM Image Awards 2022_Silver - Black.png

I started this journey back in college in Seattle, when I had decided to switch gears

from music to art and photography.  My career took off running the art department for

a commercial printer. My journey took me through marriage and three kids - and then

I started working at a home based business selling cooking utensils.  I enjoyed teaching

others how to cook and eventually expanded into product development, public speaking and mentoring others for the next fifteen years.

After a great career - there were lots of changes coming and I longed for new creative outlets.  My kids had grown up and I was in California, remarried - living a life with my husband while he was touring and performing with his band, The Manhattan Transfer. Unfortunately, cancer took him from me in the middle of a beautiful time together… and for the first time in my life, I was alone and without a plan. I started scholarship programs in his name and picked up my camera to take pictures of the jazz musicians on stage. I continued my work as a board member of a non-profit jazz festival and I found my camera worked a little like a shield.  It gave me a purpose, and rather than feeling all the pain, I threw myself into creating for artists and helping the students through the jazz festival and the scholarships.  It was creative and thrilling and then I landed here in portrait photography. I find it is surprisingly satisfying to be able to be a part of creating and capturing moments in time for people.  Not unlike helping others in the kitchen with cooking, I now use my camera to further my passion to help others in front of the camera..


It is my heart’s desire to help every person, create wonderful images to touch the heartstrings - whether to share or just simply have them for yourself!  There is something so special to help capture moments that people will cherish in families forever. Wall art in canvas, metal, prints, keepsake boxes or gorgeous albums - whatever form that you desire!  I admit though, that the most epic part for me is going through the process of finding out the hidden treasures in each person. Those moments when the wardrobe, posing, backdrops, expressions, my amazing team of makeup and hair stylists and YOU (as your real fabulous best self) all come together in synchronicity and I know… and you know (because YOU feel it!) we take a peek at the back of the camera and it’s amazing!  Then with editing and retouching - and the moment you see the finished products…you can really see what I see - which is the best of you! 


I started with my studio in the quiet Shadow Hills area just north of Burbank, within a few years I was ready to expand. In early 2023, I relocated my studio into a larger, very luxurious space in the heart of old Pasadena. I can't wait to get you in there for a day of pampering and luxury!

I look forward to hearing more about what you might want for your photography session.  If you don’t know yet, I look forward to having a conversation to help you find an inspired plan and get creating together!  



Barb xo

text or call:  818-925-0066 (studio line)


Pasadena Studio Location
87 E. Green Street, Pasadena, CA


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